Maria Magdalena Kozłowska

director, performer, singer
fb: mariamagdalena.kozlowska

SPEECH (2017)
During the Second World War, the Fireplace Hall at the ZAMEK Culture Centre has been repurposed to become Adolf Hitler’s study. SPEECH blends romantic songs and a motivational speech on work. Hypnotic and relaxational techniques are used to steer the audience into an unusually focussed state of susceptibility. The performance’s monumentalism, its upbeat tone and the Wonder Woman costume ironically embrace the Hall’s architecture’s while also offering a contemporary reinterpretation of past dreams of grandeur, success and failure, and the commodification of time.

"Heard of the new tendency
That's called cryptocurrency?
Go, experience the world changing
While cryptocoins are exchaning

Here comes some new
Cashflow for you”

A musical confession of an ex-stock broker. Following a mystical vision, she converts to trading cryptocurrency. Pious capitalism falls in love with an anarcho-syndicalist financial system – perhaps our best guess of things to come. The performance presents a humorous collage of a sermons, political speech, and New Age rituals.

A video produced by Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw for the “Hoolifemmes” exhibition, which took place at the Opener Festival. The guest, Paweł Sakowicz, contemporary dancer and choreographer was a ballroom dancing champion as a child. Drawing from his memories, he incorporates the role of a strict, traditional dance teacher. The Little Monkeys, as skeptical chav heroines, try to learn some Viennese waltz to express and “dance their whole world”, which reveals itself as some kind of eastern european delirium, set to the soundtrack by Natan Kryszk and his experimental band, Pokusa.

"I wasn't a very attractive child. Those who know me find it hard to believe. I used to sit alone in my room, spending time on making things up. I don't know, maybe the products of my imagination somehow expanded, or the act of fantasizing created it's own energy; anyway, something opened up and at some point I discovered this strange allure of mine. You know this breezy elegance of an older homosexual? That was it. Special voice, special gesture - it made people do what I wanted. There were also the languages. I liked to play with a certain melange which, in time, must have become a spell. I was born in Gubin, right on the polish - german border. I remember my parents fighting in german and joking in polish. In this performance I'm trying to... wait... something's happening with my face. I can't talk anymore."

Karolina Karpinska (soprano) singin' Handel's aria as seen by a girl from the block.

CONFESS (2016)
For 3 days, I transformed a closed kiosk into a space for contemporary confession - combining therapy, coaching, culture studies and new spiritualism. Every customer was served with a ritual, a small mass featuring stories of middle class shame. A visitor was invited to share his own view on shame, ask for advice, or atonement.

During a pop up exhibition, Visual Spa, I created an experience which questions a possibility of finding a spiritual leader in our own selves. I was inspired by motivational audio hypnosis, easy to find on YouTube. A subtle demotivational content, based on self doubt and middle class fears, produces a certain discomfort, not without a touch of humor.

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A variety show picturing polish art world from the perspective of two superheroines.

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